Disel Biotech shipping to USA

Disel Biotech: shipping from China to USA

Disel Biotech is a very good quality UG lab based in China. This is a OMG manufacturer of injectables and orals. They produce for many steroid brands all over the world. Chances are that when you buy steroids brands from Europe, they are originally produced by Disel Biotech.

Initially Disel Biotech was a manufacturer of unfinished steroids (raw powders and liquid steroids), but now they expanded to a new facility and produce finished steroids. Their products are suitable to beginners and experienced bodybuilders alike. 

This warehouse is unique in the sense that they ship domestic within the US, but they don’t keep any stock in the country. Every order arrives from China, enters the country, goes to a distributor which redirects it to the consignee. This way, there is no risk of custom seizures, as in a domestic shipping. But of course shipping from China to US, even if it’s by DHL or Fedex, adds about 10 working days to the process. And a hefty 45 USD shipping fee.

To import goods from China into the US is a problem nowadays, originated in December 2019 with president Trump’s aggressive stance against China. With the explosion of COVID-19 in the US, now things are much worse. All steroid retailers with warehouses in the US are facing the same scenario: items are going out of stock and restocking is difficult and slow. I foresaw this scenario and contacted manufacturers in China. Disel Biotech is the only one that so far has been able to consistently deliver orders into the US, removing the risk of customs seizures from the equation.

So if you need quality steroids shipped to you domestically and YOU ARE NOT IN A HURRY, this is the best warehouse to order from. As shipping is done by courier, the fee is quite high and so it is recommended to order a minimum of 3 items in order to make it worth.    

Disel Biotech Warehouse China