Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

About Shipping
All suppliers, no matter where they are located, ship by either courier (DHL, UPS, Fedex) or EMS. The shipping cost is added at checkout once you insert your shipping address. After you pay for the order, you will receive a payment confirmation email. A few days later, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, containing a tracking code link. The code is the proof of shipment. It may not be visible online immediately, as the system takes a day or so to update. For orders shipped internationally to the US, the tracking will not update itself until the shipment reaches the US, so it will stay the same for 10-15 days. It is your responsibility to monitor the tracking and be prepared for delivery. The tracking code is your tool to retrieve the package in case you miss the delivery man. Contact the courier and inquire. Do not contact me. Contact the courier, as it’s the courier’s responsibility, not mine, to deliver the package. At this stage, my job ends when I provide the tracking code. And begins again if the parcel is seized by customs.

About Payments
Please refer to HOW TO PAY page. I accept Bitcoin and Paypal directly. Other payments methods, like WU or Moneygram, have to go via Cryptex24.com or Paybis.com to ensure anonymity of the receiver identity. Paypal transfers must be sent as “to a friend”. If you can’t, or don’t want to, send funds in this way, use Bitcoin. If you can’t, or don’t want to use Bitcoin, you are unable to pay for your order. So you can’t buy from superbolic.com

About Paypal Payment
The shopping cart doesn’t have an automatic checkout system redirecting to Paypal because selling steroids is high in their list of violations. This is why no one in this trade accepts Paypal. I do accept Paypal but you’ll have to follow a few simple steps, explained in a popup at the checkout page and also available at the HOW TO PAY page.
In some countries Paypal doesn’t allow to send to friends and family. In this case, please contact manager@superbolic.net
manager@superbolic.net IS NOT a Paypal address

Customs Seizures, Free Reship, Lost Packages
Stealth packaging combined with strategic shipping locations and routes via middlemen countries should ensure that every parcel reaches its destination. But there is ALWAYS a risk. And the risk is on you, as you are the importer. In case something unfortunate happens, all suppliers will reship FOR FREE ONCE to a different name/address. Not all suppliers have the same policies. The majority expect to see a letter from Customs confirming the seizure. As such letter is not available in every country, I will negotiate with the suppliers on a case by case basis.
Lost packages are a different issue: again, it is the buyers’ responsibility to look after delivery. That is why I provide the tracking link. If the consignee address is wrong, a package is misplaced by the courier, stolen or, after a while, sent back to the sender address (which in this business is ALWAYS fake), nobody will take responsibility. Not the supplier, not me. All I can do in this case is give you a good discount on your next order, at my own discretion, to share your loss. Please remember delivery is not something I can control from a different country.

About Trust and Good/Bad Reviews
Superbolic.com has been in business since 2015. No seller in this market has zero negative reviews. Always remember that buying steroids online is not like buying stuff on Amazon or Ebay. Postal service and custom inspections may affect the final outcome of an order, especially during a pandemic affecting everybody. A seller is immediately labeled as a scammer if an order is delayed, confiscated or lost. Sometimes this happens even before an order is placed, by people who may not agree my superbolic’s Terms & Conditions. In this business, sellers are perceived guilty by default and should prove they are legit even before an order is placed. I do not agree with this attitude. I consider the question “how do I know you are not a scammer?” very stupid. And also insulting. Stupid because if I am a scammer I will not tell you that I am. On the contrary, I will try my best to sweet mouth you into buying from me. Insulting, because one should not start any business relationship in such way. There are many ways to find out if a site is a scam. It takes some time researching it and POLITELY communicating with its manager. Please refer to my post How to choose a steroid source for more details. About online reviews: you will find some good and some bad reviews. You may notice that often the bad ones are all from the same person, copy-pasted in every possible place, often on un-monitored forums that have nothing to do with steroids. This is impossible to fix, to deal with, or to avoid. So I do not bother. Feedback on forums like eroids.com is manipulated: the positive can be bought and the negative may be spread by competitors or by one unhappy customer posting on multiple platforms. Anybody can accuse a seller of being a scammer, for whatever reason. For one bad review there are dozens of happy customers who never bother to write anything anywhere. This silent majority is the base of my business. I will never solicit good feedback. I prefer to gain people trust by showing positive results. Bottom line: if you believe bad reviews don’t ask me if I’m a scammer: just do not buy from me. If you see good reviews, feel free to contact me and politely ask me whatever you like.

About Products Authenticity
All products are guaranteed genuine and well within expiry date as specified by the manufacturers. They are shipped from official distributors in various warehouses located in USA, EU and other countries. I do not ship anything by myself. I do not represent supplier making counterfeited or low quality items, that is why at superbolic.net you won’t find many warehouses to choose from. Almost all brands have a website where you can check if your product is genuine by inserting the code on the label.

About Spam Orders
If you don’t wish to pay as explained above, simply close the shopping cart and leave. Your order will not be placed to the system and no record will be kept. If you proceed and place an order, you agree to pay for it. Do not leave an unpaid order without contacting me, otherwise it will be considered a spam order. I fight spamming no matter where it comes from, especially spam orders. These unpaid orders mess up my work and affect the service provided to customers who pay for their orders. If you place a spam order, your contact details will be added to the spammers databases page, which is visible to everybody. It is very likely that your email will be added to various spammers databases and it will be spammed as well.

About Terms of Service
Superbolic.net is not responsible in any way, financially or morally, for your financial loss and/or legal consequences arising by customs seizures and/or your country Law Enforcement Agencies. You MUST know the laws of your country BEFORE importing these products.
I have the right to refuse to sell to any customer I deem suspicious, fraudulent, unmanageable, impolite or unwilling/unable to follow the Terms of Sale explained here.